Why use a Third Party Survey company?


• Increased confidentiality/Anonymity

• Security

• Speed

• Convenience

• Greater response rates

• Greater participant and rater satisfaction

• Increased logistical ease


Why use the web?


• Complete security/encryption

• Automatic real-time tallies of survey progress

• Survey completion from anywhere around the world

• Any languages are easy

• Survey completion at any time

• Eliminate paper hassles and costs

• Eliminate heavy resource obligation on your end

• Eliminates the need to do software updating and upgrading - we do it!

• Leverage your investment in web and intranet technology

• Substantial cost savings

• Better response rates

• Greater accuracy

• Rapid turnaround

• Low-cost follow up possibilities

• Easy to integrate demographic information for roll-up analyses

• For the consultant, opens up distance coaching possibilities



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